Our Story

A Few Words About Sartia Global

SarTia Global is the brain child of Pranav & Tusharika Sharma who dreamt of creating a single platform where people of all classes and work sectors could meet together to make their dream and the dream of others come true.

The motive of SarTia Global is to bring the wonders of Digital World together with all its aspects easily available to everyone.

They created a team of specialists with similar dreams and a united motive of making other people’s dream come true.

Come join us in our dream! Whether you need Web Development or Mobile App Development, all your needs will be fulfilled at SarTia Global.

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Our Story

Superior Work Practices & Latest Innovations

At SarTia Global, we promote a friendly environment among our staff. The environment is challenging, motivating and engaging allowing the employees to bring out their best and provide the best to our clients.

Our senior staffs are nurturing, allowing the freshers in the field to grow and develop in their respective fields and we encourage a collaborative effort allowing new ideas to come on board even from new staffs allowing an ever growing and developing environment towards success.

We are focused on using the best marketing tools and staying on top of the latest developments and trends in web development and finding new ways to reach web users with the right promoting message.

Regardless of whether it's a paid publicizing effort, better approaches to improve query items, or better methods for interfacing on social, we are continually searching for the most innovative approaches to connect your business to online customers.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to deliver on time, within budget and exceeding your expectation. We believe in transparency and professionalism in our business practice. Openness, honesty, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, and balance are our core values when we deal with our clients.

High Standards are a way of life and we are focused in bringing that high standard service to our clients. No child should be denied treatment. In a similar way, we treat each of our projects as our child and bring the best to it.

At the end of the day, what we believe in is to do the right thing.