Custom CRM Development Company in India

Best CRM Development Company in India

Sartia Global Private Limited is one of the leading Custom CRM Development companies in India. We have ready to go solution for various industry types, e.g. hospital, schools and retail shop owners such as HoMS (Hospital Management Solution), Campus Solution, IMS-POS (Inventory Management Solution – Point of Sale). We also provide Custom CRM Solutions for organizations looking for custom made CRM tailored according to their needs.

We have professional developers who deliver many custom CRM Solutions as requested and required by the various organizations. We use the best technologies, frameworks and wireframes to ensure that the best quality work is delivered to the clients.

The custom CRM Solutions provided by us are made while keeping in mind any possible future requirements that can come up for any organization, making it easy to upgrade and add new features to the existing CRM Solution. We also provide App Development Services which allow organizations to easily access their CRM from even mobile devices.

Benefits of Custom CRM Development

CRM Development Company in India

  1. Tailored to your needsUnlike pre-packaged CRM Solutions, for which you are forced to structure your business process according to the CRM Solutions, custom CRM solutions are flexible and tailored to your exact business requirements. It is YOU who decides what features and modules you want in your CRM and what the process flow of the CRM will be, according to your exact business model.
  2. CRM Framework With custom-made CRM solution, you can easily come up with small automated processes tailored to your business’ departments, building up to your complete business structure. This makes custom-made CRM solutions highly sought after by most entrepreneurs as it completely eases your business management and makes the whole business automated for you.
  3. Business Automation With custom-made CRM solutions, you can easily decide and automate various business processes reducing time and cost for the business. Several examples of processes that can be easily automated are as follows:
    • Email Automation – You can easily decide the trigger events (when should the emails be sent automatically, e.g. Well-Wishing email on your customer’s anniversaries, on their birthdays, or newsletters on the first of every month, when customer purchases your product, when customer makes a payment, etc.), select the template according to which the automated emails are sent and activate the automation to allow it to run on its own.
    • SMS Automation – Similar to Email, you can decide the trigger events, select template and activate the automation, and you will be good to go
    • Marketing – You can easily automate your marketing by making it so that you can easily share posts on multiple social media platforms with a single click, saving your time by having to go to each social media platform separately and posting.
    • Marketing Analytics – You can easily fetch analytics report from multiple social media platforms from the CRM with a single click
    • Report – Reports can be easily automated, making it so you that you will have access to live report at any time with a single click. No need of collecting the data, making calculations and making the report. The CRM can do it for you!
    • Customer Feedback Analytics – You can easily get analytics of customer feedback submitted to the CRM according to the parameters you decide so that it will be available to you at any time without having to look for and combine the data. Simply put, the CRM does the hard-lifting for you.

Our Approach towards custom-CRM Solutions

CRM Development Services in India

Requirement Analysis

Our developers analyze each and every requirement shared by the client to create a functionality chart making it easy to understand what functionalities need to be included in the custom-made CRM and what needs to be discarded. Each analysis is then shared with the client and finalized before proceeding with the next step


According to the understood analysis of the requirements, a wire-frame is created and shared with the client to finalize the UI/UX (look and feel) of the project.


According to the wire-frame, the CRM Web and App solutions are then developed (Web Front-End, Mobile Front-End, API Backend)


Any third party APIs that are required according to the requirement analysis are then integrated into the custom-made CRM


The whole project then goes through a vigorous testing phase to hash out any bugs or defect in the project which is then improved upon and finalized


Once the project is finalized from the testing team, the project is then delivered to the client on their preferred server.